Dienstag, 22. März 2011


this time i'll write in english!

well the LBM (leipzigerbook fair)is over !
these 3 days were so nice !
i had a lot of fun and a friend of me took a lot of pictures !
i've worn my Milky Berry JSK

Here are some photos:

click for bigger pictures! 

This was on Saturday.
Sunday i've worn a gyaru-ish outfit~
i also took pictures: 

credits to Kerstin! 
she took all the pictures ! ^^

I hope you like the pictures ! 

here are some random photos:

 i've bought two Mameshibaaa~ 

 Me & Baku

thanks for this great week end guys ! 
i had to cry as i had to go! 

see you next time 

bye bye 

kisses & hugs

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