Samstag, 2. April 2011


So finally i can post again! ^^

well this week arrived some stuff!

i've got a letter from my french friend

She send me so cute little Eifel Tower earrings

i love them !!!

and finally my Dolly Wink eyelashcase arrived!!

and i've bought a new nail polish and a lipstick

i love the effect !!!

and here is my light pink lipstick

and today i've orderd a cute litlle Liz Lisa dress 

i think it's very lovely and pretty!
i hope it will arrive till i'll travell to cologne! 

so thats it!!! byeee~

Oh and did you see vivids new style? 

i think they look awesome !!

except of Ryoga...i think he looks a bit like Gackt.

however!!! XD

1 Kommentar:

  1. Wohaaa! Der Nagellack: ♥
    Wieso habe ich den Gestern nicht gesehen O_O

    Btw, Süßer Blog! ^^ /D