Donnerstag, 21. April 2011

Back @ home

Hello GAL's!!!

I'm back from hungary ,my mother is married, and i'm happy to be back in germany .

So it doesn't happend that much in hungary. It's still boring there !
But i went shopping with my aunt and my cousin and i've bought this outfit:

Shirt and Skirt - New Yorker
Thights -Offbrand

i like this outfit pretty much !
but these thights doesn't keep on my legs. hmpf .____.
i totaly have to lose weight

anyway ! also i 've got as a little easter present from my mum, a new iron!

i totaly love it !

and it's so good !
but i can't do pretty curls with it ~ maybe because it's new .
So i have to use my old iron to curl my hair and the new one to smooth my hair

Ah ~ and i've found at my grandma's house old pictures of me !


i loved to get dressed in those days too ! XD 
I totaly could go to Hogwarts, or i could be Catwomen Junior! xD 

well and last but not least i went to nailtist!

and here are my new nails :

i love them ! 
they are pink and shiny and long~
and i just payed about 15 €? 

so thats all about my trip ! 

pictures of the wedding will come in a next entry ! 
so bye bye 
kisses & hugs 

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