Donnerstag, 14. April 2011

BIG QUESTION +concertoutfit+make up

Hello Gal's!

Question is on the end of this entry!

Well today I will go to Orochi's concert!
i got ready and i did again a before and after picture!

here is it :

difference? xDD
On the right you can see what i wanted to wear but i just can't breath in it ! 
i have to lose weight x___x 

then i've decided to wear this:

 it's more comfortable!

well and here is my new make up stuff:

-pastel yellow nailpolish by essence
-pink lipgloss by essence
-blush stick by essence
-eyelinerpen by p2
-lashes by p2
-make up by Esrpit
-powder by balea
-blush brush by ebelin
-eyeshadow brush by ebelin
-tweezers by ebelin

and here is the question :

Shall i delete my blog or not ?
Do i just post boring shit?

give me please an answere !

but now i have to go !
thanks for looking
kisses & hugs


  1. I love your dress, aww~ <3 so cute!
    No no! Don't delete your blog^^ If you're sick of blogging don't delete it, hiatus is better~! Outfit posts & stuff like that are interesting, seriously! (: So outfit posts pleasee~! <3 Kisses *3*

  2. Aw don't delete it! Having a blog is a great way to look back and see how you've improved! Blog for yourself, not to try and be e-popular :P