Montag, 9. Mai 2011


Hey Gal's !!! 

Well today I've bought FINALLY the las indie live of ViViD! 


It was so wonderful to watch it ! 
The boys gave their best and i could feel they energic and powerful perfermance .
The crowd was also very powerful and full of energy.

I can't describe how much i love this band!!

Well yesterday was the "Kirschblütenfest" in Augsburg 

here is my outfit:

with my beloved Bakubaby <3

This day was nice ^^ 

also i've met one member of the Gal-cir "Hime Berry" . it was Foo <3 

Sadly we forgot to take a picture! T____T

Well maybe i can join the Gal-cir!

It's not sure yet. But i would be very happy if they would let me join the circle ! 

So that's it 

Kisses & Hugs 


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  2. hey!! im a new follower!
    love this outfit! the top is soo cute!!

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