Samstag, 25. Juni 2011

Hime Berry meet up!

Hello my lovley ladyies! 

I just had a really great day yesterday!
I've meet the GAL-Cir "Hime Berry"
And now I'm also am member of them !
I'm so happy ! 
These girls are all so pretty and nice and everything ! 

Well the days was so awesome ! 

"7am waking up in the morning gotta be fresh gotta go down stairs"
even I don't have any stairs in my flat. anyways 
a woke up at 7am washed my hair and styled them .
They looked like shit . x.x
I felt so ugly with them.
anyways so I got dressed and put on my make up.
Then I went to the trainstation and met there Baku!
She came with me <3

random picture ! xD
I've worn my Liz Lisa dress :

gosh I need to lose weight.

So we drove by train to Erlangen where the meet up was.

We went to the "Erlanger Arcaden" a shopping mall 
so we walked throught, took pictures ,went shopping and ate some sushi^^

here are the pictures :

 meanwhile in erlangen xD 

 Kitai and me 
 Kitai and me 

 Tanee and me
 Jasmin and me 
 Kitai and me again

 Baku and Kitai 
 Suzu and me 

 Hinabi and Sara (hinabi isn't in our GAL-cir she is in the GAL-cir "Boggy Peak")
 Hinabi and me 

and at least foo and me 

Suzu helped me to get this Jumpsuit:

I love it ! 

Our whole GAL-cir have this one xD 

and that's what I've bought :

Some lovely thights ,a dress ,a bag and a shirt.

Ah~ I almost forgot ! 

kisses & hugs 



  1. Wow, the jumpsuit is so cute and all of you looked gorgeous! Seems like you really had a great time. :]

  2. OHA meine Schnalle entpuppt sich ja total! ;)

  3. ohh i LOVE your dress♥
    i wish i had such a cute one too!♥
    and it seems like you had much fun♥
    thats great♥
    have a nice day♥

  4. Süßes Outfit, was du auf dem Meet Up getragen hast :)