Sonntag, 7. August 2011

Seventeen + Offline

Hello Gals!

I acutally wanted to do this post yesterday but I was to lazy ! 

So, I bought yesterday the "Seventeen" magazine 
and 2 new PSP games 

I wanted a magazine which is "normal" not like ageha or something like that with all this glitter and perfect faces!
So I bought the Seventeen ^^ 
there was a Liz Lisa bag in it

I think it's really cute ~

And I really needed new games ! 
Wipeout Pure and Locoroco 2 
I love these games ! 

And I will be offline from the 9th till 14th ! 
You wonder why? ^O^

I will go on my trip to PARIS! 

Finally ! I'm looking forward to it since my mother bocked it . 

I don't know if I will have internet in the hotel , if so I will blog but if not I will report when I arrived at home 
For the end of this entry here is a picture of my cute little kitty :

He looks so fat on this picture ! 
But he actually isn't .
He is so lazy ! xD 

so bye bye

write you in a few days 
kisses & hugs

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