Samstag, 24. September 2011

recent few buys~ BONUS PIC and kitty~

Hello Girls ~

So I just wanted to show you my recent buys ^^ 

New bodylotion and showergel
So I just can recommed it ! XD

And new foundation :3

As you know I do work at McDo now~
So here is a bonus of the day :

Really hot ,nee? XDD 

anyways~ here is another picture of my cat in my shelve:

sometimes he is just so stupid! XD 

anyways~ nothing special is happening in my life so I can't blog x.x
my hair is still pink and I can't take pictures but I orderd new extensions so this means , when they arrive I'll dye my hair again brown so new outfit posts! ^o^
tomorrow I have to work ~ 
So bye bye 
enjoy the rest of your weekend ! 


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  1. Haha, how cute cat! I love cats : 3 Sometimes my cats are so stupid too :'D