Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

JDay Outfit try-out(pic heavy)

Hello Girl's !

Next weekend will be the "Japantag" (engl: Japanday) in Düsseldorf! 

I'm looking forward to it ^^ 
I will meet my friend Lina and stay at her place ^^ 
Also I will meet some of my friends 

Today I tried my outfit on which I will wear there.

I will wear my lolita dress
here you go: 

And since it starts getting cold here in germany I tried this outfit with 2 different kind of coats 

Long red :


I think I will wear the white coat ^^ 

what do you think? :D 

I'm happy about any opinion 

kisses & hugs 



  1. looks great and I think the white one is better <3

  2. White coat, definitely. :)

    Ich würd auch gern mal wieder zum Japantag, aber ich muss leider arbeiten nächstes Wochenende. :0

  3. you will be freezing your ass off, darling ;o

  4. sieht süß aus princess!!!
    das weiße is besser jap <3