Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2011

New Jacket- Mameshiba+ Reindeer Reno~~~

Hello Girls ! 

Just another entry xDD

But I wanted to show you my new jacket !!!

I bought it from my honeybee  Suzu

And  I also bought 2 Mameshibas from her ! XDD

I really love this jacket ! 

I can't wait to wear it ! ^^ 

Also the Mameshibas are so cute !!!

I love Mameshiba ^^ 

Oh and today I drove with my mother to the craft store to buy some wallpaper stripes for my room ! 

It's ready soon. I'll show it to you ^^ 

And I will get a new TV for my birthday

13 Days left ^o^

Oh and look at my baby, doesn't he look cute? ;O;

He's pouting because he also wanted to wear a santa costume but he got a reindeer.


I wonder why ViViD are already doing pictures for christmas .....

8 weeks until christmas xD

kisses & hugs 



  1. woooow die Bordüre sieht toll aus !!!!
    Das wäre auch was für mich hahaha <3<3<3<3

  2. wow!♥
    love the jacket!!!!
    hope you make some pictures soon when you are wearing it!♥

  3. Wow! Really cute!
    I cant wait till christmas too!