Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

Shopping with my Prince❤

Hello Girls !!!

Today I went shopping with Hiki ! 

It was so nice that we finally spend again a day together ! ^^ 

So we met at neo tokyo and went to the city

I already bought something at neo tokyo !

A new schedule book ! because my old one is already ugly and no more days are left so ~ xD

I think the new one is more cute than the other ^^

So anyways we went after that to the city and looked for new clothes to wear~
but yea, NOW I have money and I didn't find almost anything , I'm pretty sure next time I'm going without any money in my pocket and I will see 65415641641 things I wanna buy.
Whatever  , I did find something! 

Overknee boots
Striped thights
And lots of bodylotion !!❤❤
They smell all soooooo good ! 

Here is a picture of us, it's a bit awkward! XD
Not much make up ugly clothes , this is how I go to school lol
and no comment to my hair !

So after shopping we went to Sano's and ate something

This was only one thing I ate. lol
I also ate Gyoza , Sushi and Gohan ! 
I simply love Sano's! 
It's my fave restaurant ^^ 

So here is an outfit with my new stuff I bought

Please imagine it with better hair and better make up !!!!!

And I think I really need a cool belt fot this oufit ! It would look much better.

Oh and look what my Prince bought for me :

She's so nice !!!
Reno looks so pretty there and IV also !!!!

kisses & hugs