Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

Simple post ♥

Hello Gal's! 

How are you???

How was your weekend?
Mine was okay ! 

Yesterday I met two friends, Aki & Jin

We met at the central station and walked around the city .
I also had bubble tea ! ^o^

This was my outfit:
Pretty simple but anyways ^^ 
I didn't wanted to dress up that much ~

I love my new boots and thights so much ! 

Here is a pictrue with Aki

So yea~ I just bought a new face cream because my skin is getting dry since it starts getting cold here in germany !

This one is soooo good ! I just can recommend it !

Bonus picture of my cat:

Isn't my baby cute ?? ♥♥

Today I just worked ~ 
Tomorrow School again x.x 

kisses & hugs