Mittwoch, 16. November 2011

Birthday present from Japan !

Hello GAL's! 

I hope you all are okay ! 
It's getting cold outside nee? 
I have to buy new clothes for winter otherwise I'll be always ill like now.

A few days ago I've recived my birthday present from my Japanese friend Yu! 

All 3 types of ViViD's new single FAKE
3 Posters [All are the same lol]
A really cute letter and some soap from her hometown Kyoto.
And a cute bearcharm ! 

I was so happy when I recived my present ! 
Thank you so much ! 
(even she won't read it xD)
I already thanked her via twitter ! 

Well a few days ago I read that they will release AGAIN a new single which will be called「 message
and it will release on the 11th January
I'm looking forward for their new looks ! 

I'm going to show you my outfit from a few day's ago

Pretty simple I think
Ignore my messy room
cat is watching

Since it's so cold outside it's really hard for me to make outfits ! 
Also I don't have any winter clothes xD 

that's it ! 

kisses & hugs 



  1. tolles outfit!
    und die vivid sammlung wächst! XD

  2. I love your outfit. I hate the same tights. Your boots are really gorgeous, I want them haha.

  3. I love your CC necklace *O* where can I bought someone like that? its really nice! <3 i love it! The outfit looks really cool, really good combination :D <3