Mittwoch, 2. November 2011

Prince ❤(pic heavy)

Hey giiiiirls ! 

How are you ? 

I'm enjoying my holidays and I feel so good! 

So today I met my prince. 
I picked her up from university and we went to the city.
We looked throught the stores .
She bought a really nice jacket which looks like Shin's (vocal of vivid)

It looks like that:

I really like fur jackets! (but only fake fur! òó)

She almost looked exactly like Shin from the back haha ~ 

So anyways here is my outfit from today :

Afterwards we met Dodo & Anja ! 

It was really nice to see them because last time we saw each other was AGES ago.
It also was a suprise for my prince . She was really happy ❤

Also as you can see on the pictures my Korilakkuma phonecase arrived ! 
I love it . It's sooooo cute ! 

Afterwards we went to Sano's and ate something.
I had delicious Gyoza !


Guess where we were after we ate! 


Bubble tea !

nomnomnom next time I'll try warm tea ! ^^ 

Ah here is also a picture of Anja and me !

So I guess I'll stop my entry here ! 
Last but not least :

My kitty ❤

kisses & hugs 



  1. Wow you look amazing ^ ^ The phone cover is so cute ^ ^

  2. You all look good!
    The jacket seems great~ take pictures of your prince wearing it! xD