Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

Shopping,New deco case ,outfits~ [PIC HEAVY]

Hey Girls ! 

So yesterday I went shopping .....alone. 
anyways xD

This was my outfit ~ almost the same as in my last entry

Finally I have some new clothes !

here you go :

and some new shoes:

I already made some new outfits with these clothes:

I guess winter can come ! 

After shopping I went to Baku's home ~ I taught her a choreography because she need to show it infront of her class ! 
This was....awkward. xD
She also made some new pictures of me this means NEW HEADER SOON ! ;D

When I was at home I made a new deco case ! 
It took me 3 hours.

But I'm really satisfied with it ! 

[this shit don't want to turn around -.-]


luv luv luv luv 

So now homework ! 

kisses & hugs