Sonntag, 4. März 2012

Concert,weekend with Anji Azusa & more !

Hello Girls ! 

I had a wonderful weekend ! 
On friday I met Anji  , Nyu and Jin!

We went to my appartment and got ready for the Plunklock concert.
Here are some pictures :

with Nyu♥

with Jin♥

with Anji ♥

Somehow I look the same on every picture.
whatever xD

After camwhoring we went to the concerthall and waited with some other fans.
Well we mostly stood offside from them because we actually don't like most of them.

So while waiting we started taking pictures and dance para para xD
that was funny !

I'm so happy that we could finally meet <3
She's such a lovely girl !

So yea it was really boring infront of the hall and it was also totaly cold !
We talked a bunch of crap and danced a lot.

at 19pm. finally we could go inside the hall !
I stood in the second row and I really enjoyed the concert !
It was really good though I don't even know the band.




after the concert we waited for the band about 2 or 3 hours I don't konw exactly
but they did not really came.
sometimes haruka came and waved xD
So we decided to go home . We were so exhausted !

On saturday we went to the city !
I bought new shoes for spring/summer and some new cosmetics

I love these lipsticks ! 

Afterwards we went eating !
Kitsune Udon. My favourite ♥


and here is a random picture :

that was my weekend !

kisses & hugs



  1. aww muss auch mal wieder zu ein konzert <'3
    wo hast den nude-farbeben lipstick her , der sieht toll aus *_____*