Samstag, 10. März 2012

MA*RS Stuff

Hey Girls ! 

This week was really stressy. 

but anyways ! 

I just wanted to show you my frist MA*RS Items! 
I'm so in love with them ! 

I recived this Ma*rs set 
including a dress and the matching cardigan 
The dress has a really nice floral-print and the ribbons on the cardigan has also the same print as the dress has 

But sadly it's a little bit to short ! 
So I think I have to wear a leggins under it. 

the second one is this skirt which I bought from Sui!

It has a teddybear print and it sprakles a little bit.

isnt it lovely? 

Thank you honey for that pretty skirt ! 
I want to own more ma*rs clothes I really like them 
especially REAL MA*RS

Well then I bought a new pullover at my work.

I kinda like that print ! 

6 days left until LBM (Leipziger Buch Messe) will begin.
I can't wait for it ! 
On Saturday I will wear my Sailor Jupiter cosplay 
and on Sunday I will wear my Lolita dress 

I hope my cosplay will arrive today . I'm waiting for it since monday or tuesday I guess . 
NO I did NOT order that cosplay 
Since I can't sew my friend sewed it for me but I also helped her ! 
She has just finish it a few day ago because we had not enough timeto finish it  in the holidays and she also had to sew her own cosplay too .

So anyways if it will arrive today I will do some try-out pictures ! 

kisses & hugs