Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012

ROCK ROCK the LM.C (picture heavy)

Hey girls ! 
here is finally a new entry.

So I had an exciting weekend ! 
I hope yours was nice too . 
I went to the LM.C concert in Munich ! 

on friday they had a signing session! 
they signed their new album.
Unfortunatelly I had no money to buy their album but I wanted to see some friends so I decided to go there xD

This was my outfit for the signing session:

As you can see I wore my new wig^^

(picture taken by Hiki)

In the evening I picked up Maya and Jiji
They are big LM.C fans and they needed a place to stay over night so I told them they can come for sure over ^^
Also another friend of mine joined us.

After the signing session I stayed with my friends for a while .
I took some pictures with my dear Hiki

Santa Gal xD

Well then at Saturday was the concert !

We woke up early in the morning to get ready ~

Then I brought maya and Jiji to the hall because they wanted to be there earlier.

this was my outfit for saturday:

Then here is a picture together with Maya

Later we went to buy some bubble tea and alcohol! XD

oh btw these were my nails for the concert :

It was funny to drink xD

Before the concert started we met some cute japanese girls which came from tokyo to see LM.C in germany !

my face looked horrible! XD

Well the concert itself was a really nice party !
I really enjoyed it
I wonder why I don't listen more to LM.C they make nice music

well after the concert we met LM.C cosplyers also from Japan!

Aren't they cute ?
they were so nice and they also talked a lot with us ^^
Well that's it !

kisses and hugs



  1. Dein Blpg ist echt toll *_*

    Ich bin voll neidisch gerade. Ich wollte auch zu LM.C, aber ging leider nicht.
    Aber scheint wohl sehr toll gewesen zu sein ^^