Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012

SCREW MUNICH 13.06.12 ( Long entry !)

Hey girls ! 

Yesterday was the concert of the band "Screw"
Srsly....that was the greatest live I have evern been too !
The members were so kind and gentle and they rocked the show like hell !!!! 

But let's start from the beginning ! 

I slept at Hiki's appartment on tuesday and made all our stuff ready~
letters , presents , last outfitcheck etc~ 
I skipped school at that day XD 

Wednesday Hiki went to the university in the morning and I continued sleeping xD 
she came home around 11 am 
while she was away I showerd and already got ready then I just waited for her to get ready !
 Around 3 pm we arrived at the hall xD 

before we went to the concert hall we took some checkis :

We took more but I forgot to take a picture
I am sorry for that ! 

This is how I looked like :

I haven't worn my mars top there  XD I am wearing Hiki's adidas jacket there!
But I already posted my outfit in a few entries before ! ^^ 

Here is another picture with Hiki and me :

I think we looked good 
And I am happy that we went together to this concert honey
I love you <3

Well then at the livehouse I've met some friends which I haven't seen for a long time!!!
It was really great to see them again :D 

Here are my nails for the live :

Close up to my thumbs:

It was really difficuld to paint the scorpion on my nails!
But I think they looked great ^^

At around 18:20 pm the meet and greet for the fanclub members started! 
I am also a member of the fanclub so luckly I could enter the meet and greet ! ^^ 

First everyone got a picture with the members! 

Here is ours from Hiki and me ! 
We look horrible on the picture so I censored ourselves ! XD

But Kazuki was so nice to me ! 
I have worn my heels and they sat on a stair with huge steps. 
And I almost fell off ! and he held me and asked if everything is okay!
He was really cute 
and then he wrapped an arm really really close around me and I could smell his perfume
Srsly guise...this man ...he smells so fucking good 
asofsnjdjifhsdjfhsdkf OMG

after everyone got a picture the signing session started! 
Everyone got their pictures signed and I gave kazuki my letter ! 
Then I have got another hug from him!
And also from Byou ^^

Then the Q&A started and the staff asked questions.
Rui was so cute ! he answered the questions in english and I have to say that his english is not bad at all !
Jin was asked what he does prefere: Shorts or Throusers?
He answered with MINI SKIRTS ! XD
everyone laughed.

Then the band did a group picture with all the fanclub members and went back backstage 
except for Kazuki and Manabu .
they decided to sell their merchandise !! 
Kazuki sold me my photoset which I have bought.
I've got another hug from him and he held me for about 5 seconds really closely against his chest!
I didn't wanted to leave him ;Q;
I told hiki to tell him that he smells really good and he answered to me 
" Oh You also smell so good, and you are so cute ! My heart beated so fast as I hugged you"
I am even more in love with him now xD 

I went back to my place and the concert started around 8 pm! 

It was just great ! really 
but I will never wear extensions again at a live concert ! 
I couldn't headbang that good x.x 
anyways ! 
Kazuki gave me his guitar pic directly into my hand! 
He was really nice ~

They did stage diving and and so on~ 
after the concert Rui and Byou sold their merchandise and gave every fan a hug who bought something ! 
I gave Rui my necklace and he thanked me for that ! 
He huged me once again and then he left the audience~

I will see Screw again live in tokyo and I really can't wait for it ! 

Here is what I bought :

My Concert ticket
Kazukis Guitar Pick
Signed Group Picture
And another Signed picture which I have got from Hiki !
She bought their latest album and got this as a present from Manabu! 
She didn't noticed at first that she has got two ! But then I've got one from her ! ^^
Thank you so much !

Isn't his smile just beautiful?
I really love this guy now XD

that's all ! 
kisses & hugs



  1. Wow, die Band scheint ja echt sehr freundlich zu ihren Fans zu sein. Ich bin wirklich überrascht. Ich kenne nur ein oder zwei Songs von denen, aber scheint ja echt toll gewesen zu sein. ^^
    Und Kazuski war ja echt süß zu dir! <33

  2. jsadkah THIS NIGHT! amazing! I love you baby~ <3

  3. Du Glückspilz ^o^
    wünscht sich nicht jeder Fan so ein Erlebnis mit seiner Lieblingsband? (oder einer seiner Lieblingsbands)......
    freu mich für dich, dass alles so toll gelaufen ist (Da wird man fast neidisch ^^°)
    Außerdem sind deine Nägel absolute Liebe <3
    bye <3

  4. schreibt man munich nicht mit h? XDDD

    ihr saht toll aus <3
    und die nägel svarbvrbsr schööööön!!!!