Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2012

New get's again~

Hey girls ! 

Me again ~
Do you know the feeling of never getting enough of shopping ?!
Well somehow it's good but not good for your wallet!
this is what I have bought today and recived few days ago!
But it's still not everything
I am still waiting for my Golds Infinity bag and a dress ^^
It should arrive soon !

first I recived my Shoxx magazine with ViViD on the cover 
I really like this shooting of them. They look really gorgeous!

also bought a new eyeshadow and a creamy eyeshadow!
And as you can see a metallic purple nail polish!

This photocard came with the magazine :D

Then I've got these new lenses:
gonna review them on the weekend!!

then today I bought this:

Light blue jeans
2 pair of summer shoes
and also a sunglass but I've forgot to put it on the picture so here is an extra one ! XD

I love big sunglasses ! 

and here is a closer view of the necklace which I bought :3

well that's it ! 
I will blog more on the weekend ! 

kisses& hugs

PS .
Don't forget to vote ! ;)