Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

Oktoberfest 2012 !

Hey Girls !! 

So yesterday I have been to the "Oktoberfest" which is now in Munich! 
It's a big big festival and people from all around the world gather together and have a lot of fun ! ^^
Maybe some of you already heard about it ^^ 

I wore my "Dirndl". It's a traditional dress which every girl and woman is wearing at this time!
even to school or work.
Some children also wearing it to the kindergarten ! it looks so cute ^^ 

Anyways here are some pictures :

of course I haven't been there alone ! ^^ 
I met the brother of my aunt and spent the day with him !

These are really famous gingerbread hearts! 
they taste really delicious and there are written messages like 
"I love you forever" 
"greetings from the oktoberfest" 
" you are my princess"

Stuff like that ^^

that's it ! ^^ 

kisses & hugs