Donnerstag, 4. April 2013


Hey girls <3 

Well actually I have nothing much to blog about right now at the moment ~
But soooooooon I will go again to Düsseldorf to visit a close friend of mine and I am also going to see Sui!
For now I just want to show you some new things I bought these last days ! 

Some random Make up stuff ~

and also some DVD's :3

Then my favorite things :

Again M.A.C products ...what else ?

Can't wait to try these things out ! 

and here is my new baby ! 
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 
I wanted it for so long now and finally I have it !

Immediately watched Nu'est MV's on it *o*

A new Bag from Zara

New Shoes ,Cicle lenses (which I am going to review ) , Setting Spray by Urban Decay

and last but not least
d.i.a bra! 

That's all for now ~ 
if you got any questions please use my account! ^^ 

kisses & hugs


  1. Very nice stuff.. <33
    I also want this samsung tab~ it's amazing!
    Wow, so many make up stuff, the lashes are looking very good. ^^

  2. Cute lashes <3

    Can U show how your new contact lenses looks on your eyes?

  3. Oh Gott!! wie viele tolle Sachen!! *___* wahnsinn! Und die schuhe sind liebe!