Montag, 6. Mai 2013

Circle Lens Review - BARBIE KIRA KIRA BLUE

Hey girls !

Well finally I am going to review my blue circle lenses which I have recived like a month ago but I was really lazy and had no time to write a review althrough I have taken these pictures a few weeks ago


I orderd the lenses at (as always) and they costed for me only 10 € I guess because they were on promotion sale!


This is how they look like in the bottles.

here are some information from their website : 

Base Curve8.6mm
Color Tones2 Tones
DesignBig Eyes

First of all I have to say I LOVE these lenses ! 
I was a little bit afraid to order blue lenses but because they were so cheap I thought" Hey ! Let's give them a try!" 
I was afraid to wear blue lenses because I am kind of a darker type ~ like I have dark brown hair and a little bit darker skin but anyways
as they arrived I immediately had to try them because I was so currious how they would look like on me 
and let me tell you I could wear those lenses everyday.
they are comfortable and so sheer
they are not these kind of lenses where the blue color really pops out and looks fake 
they look really "natural" - they are big , yes, but the color is really sheer . 
let me show you some pictures :

as you can see I the blue color isn't really popping out that much
so if you don't like vivid blue colored lenses and prefere more a decent color then these are the perfect lenses ! 
I wore them once for about 8-9 hours and they are also sooooo comfortable ! 

here is my rating for you!

Comfort 5/5
as I said you can wear them all they long and they are still comfy ! 

Design: 5/5
The natural black base curve and the decent blue color are just beautiful!

Enlagement:  5/5 

they have 16.2 mm diameter so they are perfect for girls who prefere really big eyes! 

thank you for watching ! 

kisses& hugs 

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