Freitag, 20. Mai 2011


Hey my pretty GAL's 

well the world is going to end now here. 
In a few minutes it will start a big big thunderstorm here


I really fear thunderstorms....and also I'm alone at home. 
really nice. 

Today was just school . 
After the school I've met Lily 

She stayed for a few hours at my place . 

Well after a while we decided to go to a drugstore. 
I've bought new Haircolor and a Lipstick by ESPRIT.

Chocolate brown :D

I will dye my hair on sunday I think. 

Tomorrow I'll meet Ko! 

I want to buy some fake roses and some lace. I want to decorate my mirror ! I hope i will find some nice roses and lace 

Kisses & Hugs 

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