Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2011

late pictures from sunday

Hey GALs

as i promised in my last entry, here are a few pictures from Sunday^^
My internet bitched around so i couldn't upload them .

At the sushi restaurant:

my lovely kitty :

Hiki baby <3

and bakubaby again 
i think i've posted many pictures of her in my blog xD
she's a really good friend of me and we know us many many years.
she was one of my first friends when i came into the Visual-kei /J-rock scene....
I'm very happy that i still have contact to her. Welive very close to each other
I really love it to be togehter with her. I can ALWAYS laugh with her .
Friends are very important in life.
I really value the friendship between us .

so that's it :)

kisses & hugs