Samstag, 7. Mai 2011

Make up + nail

Hey Gal's!

Well it's finally weekend so today i just chilled at home and learned a bit , cleaned my make up brushes and also bought some new again ( makeupholic xD)  and i've tried a new tutorial .
Also i made some new nailart but i can't make my other hand so i  rided my nails again !

Make up:

i know it would looks even more better when i would add lower lashes but i don't have some.
well maybe someone could recommend some lashes for me? :)

i will post the tutorial which inspirated me at the end of this entry.

And here is my new make up:

Eyshadowbase by Manhattan
Highlighter by alverde
Concealer plate by p2

I really like the highlighter!
It's exactly what I've searched for

Tomorrow i will travel to Augsburg with a few friends
I will post my outfit and stuff next week!

so bye bye enjoy the rest of you weekend

kisses & hugs

1 Kommentar:

  1. ich hab sie zwar selber auch noch nicht erhalten, aber auf dieser seite mal bestellt XD
    kann dir also noch nicht sagen ob sie gut sind, aber da gibts nen 10er-pack für 3euro (versand drin)