Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011

Mini Shopping

Hello Dear Gal's

Today i went after school shopping , and actually i just wanted to buy a new Jeans because as i were in hungary two jeans broke x.x
so i just have two jeans i can wear and they are black and white !
Well i've bought a Dark Blue Jeans ~it almost looks black xD
a salopette ,2 braceletts and bronzing powder !

i love my new items !

and this is how i look like in my salopette:

so now i have to do some homework x.x

kisses & hugs my Gals!


  1. Das outfit mag ich : D

    Ich weiß wo du einkaufst xDDD

  2. Aaw the last outfit is SO CUTE <3 Nice shopping~! :D

  3. Love the outfit. It would look so cute with some colourful accessories and big, teased pigtails!

  4. magst mir sagen wode die hose herhast? ;O;
    Sie ist SO LIEBE <3