Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011

Friday + Saturday (Picture spam)

Hey GAL's 

Did you all enjoyed your weekend? 
I did ! 

So on friday I went with a friend to the cinema~


I tried for the first time a new hair style .

Yesterday I've met some few friends.
We went to the city ~ 

It was really nice !
We laughed a lot !

I love my liz lisa dress! 

I've found some really nice shoes for it ! 

But they look a little bit boring for me . 
So I went to H&M and looked for some nice ribbons ! 

but i didn't liked the middle part of them .
So i cutted them away and glued some nice rhinestone hearts on them

but .now I have a problem.
I don't know how to take them on the shoes. 
I don't want to glue them on because maybe i want to take them off to wear the shoes without ribbons because they don't suit to the rest of the outfit ! 

they should look like that :


i need to find a solution.

Also I've tried a huge macaroon yesterday for the first time ! 

I will eat them everyday when I'm in paris in summer ! 

And I want to show you a video I've took yesterday of my cat! 
He is so cute 
I love him so much !

So bye bye ~

kisses & hugs