Freitag, 3. Juni 2011

Some new things~ ❤

Hey GAL's 

Finally friday! (friday friday gotta get down on friday lol) 
So I just went to school and after that to the library.


I've bought a new bag!
And a hot red lipgloss and eyeshadow
the bag is really big and stuff~ i really like it ^^

I really like the lipgloss! it's a really nice color~
gosh I'm addicted to make up! 
i'm spending to much money for it xD

Well, I'm getting soon ready . 
I'm going to the cinema with a friend of me .
I think we will watch " Pirates of the Caribbean 4"

Tomorrow I'm gonna meet some friends ~ we will just hang around I think

bye bye~
Kisses & Hugs 

PS. thanks for 59 followers! 

Hope the 60th will come soon ;) 

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