Montag, 20. Juni 2011

Make up test

Heyy my lovley GAL's 

So the frist week of my holidays are over .
I just did almost nothing . Just stayed at home 
On friday some friends stayed at my house and we had a little party 
It was really funny.
But I didn't took any pictures .
Better so.

Today I just went to the post office and brang a package there for my japanese friend
And I've bought a few beauty products:

some offbrand make up
and a lipstick by p2 

I bought the offbrand stuff because it looked cute~
but they aren't as bad~
and they total suit to my "Dollywink" Lashcase XD
So here are my test :

let's start with the eyeshadow :

i just tried the brown color

here is the lipstick:

i didn't tested the mascara 

and here is the p2 lipstick :

the lipstick costs 1,95 € 

so now I'm going to see Baku 

kisses &hugs 

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