Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011


Heyho GAL's ! 

My condom phonecharms arrived today ! 

They are so funny ! 
There are really condoms in it. 

A friend of me showed them on ebay . I had to buy them 
I hung one on my PSP and on my Nintendo DSi

So I also bought new eyeshadow applicators and heat protection for my hair by "Schwarzkopf"

I've never used heat protection when I curled or ironed my hair. 
But since a few days I've noticed that my hair is really ruined . 
So I hope it will help something!

Well, on friday I will travel to Erlangen 
The Galcir "Hime Berry" will have a meet up ! 
And I'm invited ! 
I'm so glad about that ^^ 
I hope I can joind the circle 

My mother will come back from Barcelona tomorrow ! 
Gotta clean up the flat x.x
and need to study a little bit .
Tomorrow I will go working ~

kisses & hugs 

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