Samstag, 6. August 2011

My Past ~

Hey Gal's!
Well today I wanted to tell you something about my past~

I've been through many diffrent styles

When I was about 12-13 old I was an emo.
Yes you read it right . An Emo! XD
unfortunately I don't have a picture about it .

then later I changed my style to Visual -Kei .
I really failed at it .

and I think you don't want to see me in this style xD 

I looked horrible ! 

then I tried out Cosplay. 
But I didn't cosplayed Anime/Manga...I cosplayed 2 times Uruha (the Gazette)

First time it was "Before I decay" 
Well , again no picture because it also looked horrible...
my make up was terrible ! I looked like a panda ..

then the second time was "A hymn of the crucifixion"
This cosplay wasn't that bad I think

here is the original:

And here is my Cosplay

What do you think? XD 

Well and then I slowly turned into Gyaru/Gal...

So and next year I will cosplay again .
Even I don't like Anime / Manga I will cosplay it xD 
But I have to say ,in my childhood I loved Anime ! 
Do Re Mi

and especially 

Sailor moon

And that's what I will cosplay with many friends at the LBM next year ! 

I will be Sailor Jupiter

This will be funny .

You may wonder why I do that? 
Well it's because of my friend ,she allways wanted to cosplay Sailormoon it is one of her dreams and she asked me so many times that I had to say yes.

so yea xD 
even I can't sew~ but she will help me  

That's it . 

kisses & hugs 


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  1. xD ich bin auch echt am überlegen ob ich zur nächsten lbm auch mal cosplay...>_< weiß aber nicht wen hahahaha *fail*
    btw des uruha cosplay ist voll gut : O