Freitag, 5. August 2011

recent purchases

So after my german entries about the Animagic here again in english ! 

Well this week my shoes from Suzu arrived ! 

I traded them from my Liz Lisa dress

Aren't they nice? *O*
I really love them and they suit !
I also got a phonestrap with a tiny little foxtail on it . I put it on my phone ^^ 

Yesterday I drove to Ingolstadt to my friend Ko .
I spend the day with her and I got my ViViD bracelet from her ! 

I'm so in love with it ! 
It has such a really cool design ! 

and I also bought a Jumpsuit at New Yorker ! 
It was on sale . 

And as you can see the Shoxx with ViViD x SuG
and Oil remove paper ^^ 

And also there opened a new Bubble Tea store in munich 

I love bubble tea ! ^^ 

so ~ bye bye 

kisses & hugs 

1 Kommentar:

  1. Awww *__* freut mich voll das sie dir gefallen !!! *___*

    Das armband ist so mega cool !

    ich will auch endlich mit dir bubblee tea trinken ;__;