Samstag, 27. August 2011

Never Island Oahu + Hime Berry disbanding

Hello Girls !

I'm so sorry for not updating my blog .
1.I'm to lazy 
2.I have much to do (even I have holidays)

Anyways ..

I'm busy with sewing my "Super Sailor Jupiter" cosplay . 
Well, my friend sews it because I can't
She already finished my glows and the body. ^^

So ,and I have to tell you something.

As you may read this entry I wrote that I really really reeeeeeeally want the frist Photobook of my favorite band " ViViD"

And I really can't belive that I'm really getting this Photobook !
I'm so happy , my friend helped to get it ! 
I think I'm the happiest fan rght now . 
I also orderd the "Shoxx 224" 
Some old checkis and trading cards ^^

I can't handle with money
I don't care. 
I gladly spend my money for this band .

Oh yes and I also wanted to told you that my Gal circle " Hime Berry" has disbanded .
I don't want to tell the reason ~

kisses & hugs 

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