Mittwoch, 31. August 2011

new clothes + outfit

Hey Gal's !^^ 

I've been to the city yesterday with Baku

We just went throught the city ~
I bought some clothes for the winter ! 

First I want to show you my oufit:

I think my legs look soooo thin on these pictures !
I wish they would be really this thin like that .

Anyways , I picked up Baku and then we went to the city~

I bought these things :

Hévn magazine

I really needed the cosmeticbag because my old one looks dirty and it's really ugly !

After a few hours Nyu joined us and we went to eat something.
We also drank bubble tea ^o^

And I will search for a part time job  soon !
I really need money because I realized that I really need to go to ViViD's first budokan concert !
Wish me luck .

kisses & hugs



  1. Oh you look GREAT!
    Flat hair looks awesome on you and I love the shoes you bought!

    Parttime job? Try subway, its easy and funny work but bad paid.. :/ Hope you find something!