Sonntag, 21. August 2011

Paris Last Part

So this is my last part about Paris! 

On saturday I met my two french friends Karen & Miki 

Oh how I love these girls <3 

here are some pictures
We also made Purikura ! 

They took me to see the stores " Baby, the stars shines bight" and also " Angelic Pretty"

The seller was so cute <3 

It was such a pretty store ! 
Unfotunately I wasn't allowed to take pictures from Angelic Pretty ~ 
I was really dissapointed .The store is soooooo small! 
Anyways i only bought a ring for my friend Suzu ^^ 

Here are two Puris of us ;:

I love you guys ! 
Hope to see you soo again ! 
kisses & hugs 

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