Samstag, 20. August 2011

Paris part 2

Hey my readers! 
I'm so sorry for the late post about the second part from my trip in Paris! 
I wasn't at home but I'll write about it later ! ^^ 
and I decided to do another part of it ! ^^ 
So here is the second part! 

I went to see the Sacré-Coeur,Opéra,La Fayette, Moulin Rouge
And I will also show you what I bought 

So here is the Sacré-Ceure

I haven't see that before ( I have been to Paris already once when I was 10 y.o)

Andi it was really near our hotel ! 
We could go there by feet. 
This was the highest place in Paris! 
It was really nice .


This is such a beautiful opera ! 
I was really excited to see it ! 
I really want to see once a show at an opera . 

La Fayette

This was a really huge shopping centre! 
And all you could buy was brand brand and brand ....
I really wanted to but BVULGARI's new perfume . 
" Jasmin Noir" 
It's so good ! 
I've got a braclet from the seller.

Moulin Rouge:

I also really want to see a live show here ! 
Buut it's freakin' expensive x.x 
Anyways ...I haven't see so many sex shops , tabel dance and strip locals next to each other in one street.
It was pretty funny .

And I also saw a shop which had my name ! 

So and this is what I bought :

Minnie Mouse ears from the Disney Store ! 

Maxi Dress 
Charmykitty Wallet
Golden Belt

I really love my new wallet ! 
It's so cute !
And I really needed a new one because i was so bored of my old one .
It had only leo pattern.

I love it ! 

Kisses & Hugs 



  1. My friend would love 'Moulin Rouge' : 3 She loves the movie so i can imagine what kind of she would be there ^^'

  2. cbjharjfndv fbsjfn b LOVE THIS!!
    It looks so great and I want to go there so badly!!
    Love your wallet and the dress <3

  3. Such beautiful buildings! You've made me really want to visit Paris even more now!