Montag, 15. August 2011

Paris part 1

hey my girls ! ^^

So now I'm going to write about my trip in Paris! 

We arrived savely on tuesday and drove to the hotel.
I really don't like the metros in Paris x.x 
Anyways at the they our arriving we just checked out our environment.

 Wednesday we went to see the Eifel Towe, Notre Dame and Champs Élysées

Champs Élysées

Eifel Tower

The view from the Eifel Tower :

Notre Dame

that's it ! ^^ 
Part 2 will follow tomorrow ! 
My beloved Baku has birthday today and I will spend the evening with her ! ^^ 

so bye bye 
kisses & hugs


  1. So pretty pictures of you! I love the one with the eiffel tower in the background *_*

  2. awwww so tolle bilder *___*
    ich will es auch mal sehen :(

  3. oaris sieht immer so ztoll aus *_* sehr schöne bilder die du gemacht hast , irgendwann muss ich da auch mal hin <3

  4. ist ja witzig, ich war vom 8.8.-16.8. da D: