Freitag, 16. September 2011

New necklace

Hey Giiiiirls ! 

Just wanted to show you my new neckalce !!!

Isn't it pretty? 

Some friends of me has the same!

Suzu for example ! ^o^ 

It's a really huge bow and it's also heavy ! 
But I really like it ~

Well today I will sleep at Baku's place because we will drive tomorrow early in the morning to Cologne!.
This will be very hard x.x 

our train comes at 7:34 am !

Anyways , I'm looking forward to see all of my friends and also I'm looking forward to see NEGA live ^o^

Have a nice weekend ! 
I'll report about the weekend on monday or lately on tuesday ! ^^ 

kisses & hugs 



  1. wow, cute necklace!! where did you buy it? :)
    but i guess its so expenisve!
    looks so cute^^

  2. Aw die kette is genial *_* ich trag sie so gerne ! du wirst sie lieben ♥ bitte mach bilder *__*

  3. Oh du bist auch bei Nega? :3 Dann sehen wir uns, sofern ich wirklich hingehe. xD (fieber)

  4. awee what a cute necklace! I love everthing with ribbon on it XD