Dienstag, 13. September 2011

New Items+My collection

Hello Girls! 

School started today and I'm really curious how this school year will be , 
We got 4 new pupil in our class and I also got my teacher which I wanted to badly! 
I'm really happy about this ^^

So anyways I spend my last holiday day (?) with my friends Baku , Hiki and Lina 
We drunk some Bubble Tea and ate at the japanese restaurant .

And I also bought these things :

Corss necklace and a garter 

I really like my new items .

So anyways I would like to show you my ViViD collection ! 
If anyone is interested in xD 

My first shelf with their first 3 Singles 
Across the border

This shelf is a bit nude I think
I need some more cute dekoration!

My second shelf with the "newest" CD's and some more decoration and other stuff

Yume mugen no kanata
Last Indies live -Kousai Genesis (DVD)
Blue Type B+Regular

Also there is my beloved plushie moutun with Minnie Mouse ears and trading cards behind the bow 
some checkis and picks ^^

I can't wait to order their new single ! *O*

these are my magazines,everywhere are ViViD included , I can't help myself ... I adore them to much xD

At the moment this is my favorite mag of them .
They are wearing my favorite outfits ! 
I just love the second outfits of Blue.

Tomorrow I will go shopping new school stuff with Hiki <3 

kisses & hugs 


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