Sonntag, 25. Dezember 2011

X-mas eve [pic heavy]

Hello GAL's & Boys ! ^^ 

So I hope you all had a nice christmas~
I had even if it was short. 
My family came up to my home and we had some nice dinner and we talked a lot ^^

but at first I'm going to show you some pictures from my christmas party with my classmates ^^
this was my outfit :

and these are 2 of my class mates 
Sandra and Sonja

As you can see I dyed my hair 
and I'm really unhappy about the color because I can't wear my extensions ! 
they don't have the same color


We went to church with the whole school and my class sang "silent night , holy night" It was really great ^^

so here are some pictures with my family

this was my outfit :

pretty simple ~~

Our little plastic tree with pink/silver christmas decoration:

I just got money for christmas as every year ^^ 

our food :
And my cat also sat at the table

So time for random pictures with my aunt and cousin:

they both wanted to wear my "gyaru" shoes

yea so that was my evening !

happy nice rest holidays !
kisses & hugs



  1. Merry Christmas! You look so cute!

  2. oh funn I have the same bow necklace :D
    Looks good on youu
    wuah I also wish you a merry christmas, please enjoy the last day ;D Christmas ends to fast!!

  3. Oh, das Bild mit deiner Katze am Tisch. ♥♥♥
    Frohe Weihnachten noch. ;)