Sonntag, 5. Februar 2012

New Angelic Pretty dress +little sale post+ ViViD Pamphlets

Hello girls! 

This week some new items arrived ! 

at first my new lolita dress ! 

Angelic Pretty Sweet Ribbon Strawberry

I'm so in love with that dress ! 

I bought the whole set. 

and a close up from the print:

I'm sooo happy about this dress ! 
I already have a coord in my mind but I have to wait till the rest of the outfit arrives ! ^^ 

I'm going to sell my other dress ! 

the milky berry JSK 

210 € +shipping
it has no damages and also it's in a very very good condition ! 
worn just a few times 

and I'm also selling my violet DreamV dress :

I've cut off the lace sleeves from the dress because they disturbed me! 
size S/M
for more information just write an email to 


so then I've finally recived my pamphlets from ViViD!

the left one is a little bit older but the members are dressed as school boys ! 
They look so adorable ! 
the other one is from their Budokan concert ! 

well that's all 

kisses & hugs 


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  1. Das neue kleid ist total süüß =)

    Wie kann man dich den kontaktiern wenn man interesse an den schwarz weißen kleid hat?=)