Samstag, 28. Januar 2012

Wig wig wig + Change

Hello girls ! 

How are you ? 
I hope you are all fine ^^

Well as you may noticed I changed my name.
Because I didn't feel well with the name "mika" 
I don't know this name didn't suit me .
And I didn't feel well with it 
Baku gave me this name because he said it sounds cute .
Well I took it because I was to lazy to search for another one
but not I found one 
It's りん
I chose this name because I want to start something new.
Also a little bit my style.

Well anyways. 

Today I wore my wig for the first time ! 

Here is a picture spam :

What do you think? 
I really like the wig ! 
I think I'll only wear wigs in future because I can't do anything with my real hair.
they are simply to heavy ...

Recently I bought a new dress and I havent show you yet! 
It cost only 10 €
must have lol
I think it looks a little bit ageha-like
Dunnow xD 

I will wear this outfit at Screw's concert in munich: 

Can't wait to meet them at the meet&greet

But I need to lose weight before ! 

Well actually that's it .
I'm busy with school and life is boring .

Oh there is something I wanna tell you ! 

Yesterday I called Anji! [please check out her blog she's an awesome gal ! ]
We talked 4 1/2 Hours! XDD 

And we decided to do MAYBE a 
"Para Para Gal-cir" 
together with Hiki
but there is nothing clear. 

Well I would be happy if it would work out ^^ 

so that's it !! 

kisses & hugs 



  1. Man spinnst du ? ;A; die Bilder sind der hammer *OOOO*! ♥
    und wo musst du den bitte Gewicht verlieren ? < <
    das Thema hatten wir doch schon `3´
    Würde mich echt freuen wenn es klappt mit euch :P

  2. I loved your wig, suit very well on you!
    and god.. your legs.. I envy them ><

  3. omg, you are so cute!!!!! ;)

  4. :O Love that wig! It's a kind of agejo style, isn't it?
    So you know Anji! :O She's an amazing gyaru, if only she wrote more often in her blog...
    I think Rin is a very cute name, my Japanese best friend is called Ririko and I call her "Rin-Rin" :P
    Have a nice day!