Freitag, 23. März 2012

LBM 2012 !

Hey girls ! 
I'm so sorry ! 
I know I promised my entry yesterday but I didn't find the time .
I'm sorry sorry sorry ! 

But finally here is the entry ! 

I drove on friday morning to Leipzig 
We waited for the rest of our group and partied a little


I wore my Sailor Jupiter Cosplay with my Group

I don't want to write that much crap so here are some pictures :

I think we looked awesome !

The shoes KILLED ME 
oh god I was so happy that I brang comfortable shoes with me ! 

so here are some more pictures :

herpderp xD

Hiki and Me 

Afterwards we went to a restaurant and ate something 


I wore my lolita outfit :)

I really like that dress .
Luckly my friend borrowed me shoes. 

So I bought that Korilakkuma and a Mameshiba.

Aren't they cute ? <3 

So here is a picture with my honey Hiki <3

She wore her MA*RS dress.
It suited her soooo good ! 
She was really gorgeous !

And here is another pictrue with my friend who cosplayed Saga from Alice nine (Rainbows PV)

She did that cosplay very well ! 

My facial expression says : 

" He wants to look under my dress, not again...."
Well actually that's it ! 

kisses & hugs 



  1. You make an adorable sailor, and a even cuter lolita! : D

  2. oh gott, ihr saht toll aus *_* und auch als lolita - sehr süß!