Donnerstag, 5. April 2012

TOKYO 2012

Hey Girls ! 

I'm really sorry for not updating my blog ! 
I'm so lazy ! sorry sorry sorryy
So here is a short entry 

These last 5 days I've been to Hiki's place 
I was in Austria/Klagenfurt

Well nothing special happend there ~

We hung around and talked shit and so on ^^ 

the best 

We booked our flight to Tokyo .
We will be there from the 6th August till 28th August

I'm looking forward ! 
I can't wait to be there in Japan ! 

We will meet my japanese friend
We will go shopping and take lots of purikura 

and we will go on concerts ! 

I will go to born's tour final , the Gazette's fanclub tour and probably alice nine and lolita23q too! 

but my wish is to see ViViD live....
I really hope they will give a concert ! 
This would make my holiday simply perfect ! 

soon will be the GAL meet up in munich ! 
I will post pictures after the meet up 

stay tuned 
kisses & hugs



  1. haha~ so funny ^o^
    mein Japanurlaub ist zur gleichen Zeit ^.^
    ich beneide dich, dass du auf so so viele Konzerte deiner Lieblingsbands gehen wirst...!
    Wie kommst du an Tickets ran?
    selbst wenn meine lieblingsband zu der Zeit Konzert geben würde, wüsste ich nicht, wie ich Tickets organiesiern sollte -.-°...
    bye bye ^o^

  2. Oha ganze 3 Wochen D: wie neidisch ich bin!