Samstag, 28. April 2012

Outfit + Nails ^^

Hello girls ! 

I'm so sorry for being such a lazy ass ! 
But recently nothing special happens in my life so I don't know what to blog about ! 
I'm so sorry! 

Well today I met some friends so I could dress up again and so on
The weather is so nice recently~ 
we had 27 degrees today! 

So here is my outfit which I wore today :

I really love Maxi dresses ! 
I bought this one in Paris

I also braided my hair but I think it looks weird xD 

here are my nails :

On wednesday I had my first final exam 
It was my oral exam in german and I've got the best grade which I can achieve
(In germany it's grade 1^^ ) 
the next one is in 3 weeks ! 
wish me luck x.x

well, actually that's it 

kisses & hugs