Sonntag, 8. April 2012

Short Outfit post

Hey Girls ! 

So today I went again to a concert 

...yea I know I'm a concert "whore" ..I simply love to go to concerts because it's always so much fun ! 

But this time I was really dissapointed 
I paid 25 € 
the band played only 50 minutes 
and they did only pictures with you if you buy some of the merchandise ....

I kinda had that feeling they only want the money ...
anyways ...the concert was okay it was pretty funny~

So here is my outfit :

Pretty much the same for a while . I like it ^^
It's inspired by himena! 

I've actually got the same clothes as her but sadly the top doesn't fit at all because I'm to tall and the skirt is to tight! 
I need to lose weight until August ! 

anyway I did again some nailart ! 

I wanted to put on silver rhinestones but when I was finished I noticed that I only have big one.

so no rhinestones..
Well thats it !

I'm looking forward to the GAL meet up in munich on Saturday ! 

kisses & hugs 



  1. Your nails and outfir look awesome!
    Sad that about the band, by here we see somethings alike too, but the most of concerts I went was okay~