Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

New Room Decotation + Gets!

Hey my lovely girls ^^ 

Just wanted to share what I have done just right now ! ^^

I decorated my shelf in a hime style ~~

I bought some flowers and glued them on with th my glue gun
I burned two times my finger and also once my thigh ! 
But I think it was worth it ~ I really like it now ^^

Then I recived my copy of ViViD's new single [ REAL] 

I also got a poster and a trading card ^^ 

They look so hot ! <3

Also I've got my Hime shirt ^^

Isn't it cute ? 
But I think I will take of the black buttons and replace them with white once ^^ 

that's it ~ 

kisses & hugs 



  1. awwww die deko gefällt mir so mega gut *___* ich würde alle regale so machen *___* <3
    sieht voll schön aus ;O; !!!!

    Und das top ist so mega niedlich *____* <3 <3 bitte mach fotos *_* <3

  2. die blumen deko ist wirklich toll <3

  3. The pink the shirts are so cute! : D

  4. Bonito sueter♥
    en que pagina editas tus fotos? te quedan muy bonitas :)