Freitag, 1. Juni 2012

New Gets + Outfit

Hey Girls ! 

I was in the city today and I bought new shoes and some pants^^ 
I want to show you them ~ 

I changed my outfit for the ScreW concert in munich (13.6.) 

First here are the shoes:
aren't they lovely? 

And here is my outfit where you can also see the pants which I bought . 

They are ripped and there are also some sprakling shit on it .
whatever ! 
I lend the "dress" which I am going to wear as a top from Hiki
It's from MA*RS

Also I will wear long hair to this outfit and long nails! 
I already made nails but I am going to show you them later ^^ 

I hope you like my outfit ! 
Kisses& hugs 



  1. such a cute outfit <3
    i love your shoes ^^

  2. ig wünsch dir viel spaß ;_; will auch zu screw

  3. Oh cool, die Schuhe sind wirklich schön, ich könnt jedoch nie drin laufen T_T darum kann ich mir sowas auch nie kaufen

    aber deine Outfits sind echt der hammer ;D