Samstag, 30. Juni 2012

My Inspirations [pictures + blogs] HEAVY!

Hey girls ! 

Well I thought to post an inspiration entry ! 

Enjoy it ☆

I don't really know what she is~ if she is a shop staff at d.i.a or not~
maybe someone can tell me ? ^^ 
anyways ! 
She is one of my favorite inspirations for Tsuyome gals ! 






I really love her ! 
All I can give you is her codenote blog 


She is also an inspiration for Tsuyome gal!
I think she is friend with Yayo~ 
I also think some of you know her because of her amazing hair style ! 

Here is her codenote blog where you can find more outfits of her ! 

She is modeling for the magazine " Soul sister"

She also has always amazing nails! 
I really adore her nails.

Her blog

She is a shop staff at the famous hime brand "La pafait"
She is my favorite Hime-gyaru 
I hope I can meet her in Tokyo! 

together with Himena!

together with cana-san!

here is Himeko's blog:

She is also a Hime-gyaru !
Shop staff at MA*RS and Ageha model!
right now she is pregnant so I think she stopped working
I hope everything goes well for her and her baby ! 

together with Sui!
(pictures is taken from her blog)

they look both adorable ! 

here is Himena's blog 

She is also a shop staff at la pafait ! 

unfortunately I didn't find her blog ! 
if someone has it please please tell me ! 

the last hime-gyaru which I adore is 
she is such an adorable gyaru and a really cute mom ! 

with her Son 

Here is her blog 
She is posting only "friends only" entries so you need to add her on ameba

☆☆Random inspirations☆☆

☆☆Nail Inspirations☆☆

Thanks for looking !

kisses & hugs


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